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What is it about?

Girl Behind the Mask is a song taken from the soundtrack to BERND BRIDGES Season 1 episode which plays in Japan, where medical masks have long been everyday items in public, taking root in the late 1800s, long before the Covid pandemic.

Japanese culture is also known for its concept of “face,” a mixture of reputation, social status, stature, influence, honor, and pride.

“Saving face” or “building face” is vitally important, as is masking one’s less desirable qualities.

At first, the song seems to express the deep desire to see people without masks during the global pandemic’s trying times.

It was, however, written expressly for the BERND BRIDGES plotline without Covid in mind. 

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The Dudes Behind the Song

BERND BRIDGES co-creator Adam Kesselhaut (left) co-authored Girl Behind the Mask with Adrian Dehn, who performed the song with Adam, and pianist Jens Südkamp, who penned the German version of the song, Maskenfrau, sung by Bernd Korz a.k.a. Bernd Bridges (right). 

Martin Waschkowitsch, p.k.a. Mr. Luckyloop, produced this official remix. cial remix. 

Bernd Korz

CEO, Alugha GmbH & BerndBridges UG

„ If it is important and means something to U it does not mean it does for others…. „

Bernd is an accomplished CEO with an unquenchable source of energy and creativity, I dedicate my time to create technology solutions to shatter business communication hurdles in a globalized market environment

The claim of the show Bernd Brides “A triumph over the past” is the reason Bernd, who has also Tourette and suffered a lot in his live, had this idea about the show.

Girl Behind the Mask / Maskenfrau is also the title of one of the episodes and describes a unique situation he stumbled in while he was on a business trip in Japan.

„ Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear „

Adam Kesselhaut, a New York area native, who began his career as a tenor in European opera performances, including an assignment with the Vienna National Opera and as a soloist in Philharmonic Rock. 

He wrote and worked as a vocal producer for many top charting songs in various countries and markets including ELAIZA’s #1 hit, IS IT RIGHT, Germany’s song for the Eurovision Song Contest.

Adam Kesselhaut 

CEO, BEWAKE Berlin Studios

Currently living in Berlin, Germany, he runs BEWAKE STUDIOS where he composed, performed, and produced GIRL BEHIND THE MASK as part of the BERND BRIDGES Season 1 Soundtrack. BEWAKE STUDIOS are in the heart of Berlin’s Kreuzberg district hosting some of the most prominent national and international artists of our time.

The Show That Started It All [Based On a True Story]

Bernd Bridges – The Show

BERND BRIDGES is a dark comedy about BERND, a German tech CEO with Tourette’s syndrome, a xenophobic abusive childhood, a loving family with a dedicated wife with whom he has an overcharged sex life, and a best friend named ADAM, a Jewish-American hit songwriter. BERND’s lovably salty personality gets him into awkward situations as he runs his company, ALUGHA, at its headquarters and around the globe.

BERND BRIDGES uses comedy to ridicule ignorance and promote the building of cultural bridges to heal wounds of the past to make a better future.

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